The Community of Ignace

Ignace, a familiar name to travelers heading east or west along Trans Canada Highway, is home to nearly 1,500 people who have been drawn to the community and region by its natural resources and recreational opportunities. Residents see it, not only as a convenient stop along the road, but a good place to call home. Situated at the crossroads of Highway 17 and the province’s most northern highway, 599, Ignace lies between Agimak Lake and Sandbar Provincial Park to the north.

Visitors will also know that much of the community’s business section is located on or near Highway 17, which passes directly through the middle of town. Ignace is home to numerous retail stores, restaurants, hotels and motels, and small business.

The community boasts it’s health care facility – The Mary Berglund Community Health Centre. The center houses health care services such as a private dental clinic, Prescription Pick Up Service, Northwestern Health Unit and Dryden Regional Mental Health and Addictions Services. Health Promotion, outreach, education and wellness are all key objectives of the center. A weekly newspaper, The Driftwood, keeps residents aware of local activities and events.

A short drive north along Highway 599 will bring you to the local golf course, a popular location for area residents during the spring, summer and autumn months. Summer is well spent relaxing on one of Ignace’s three beaches, or enjoying the outdoors at Sandbar Provincial Park. White Otter Days and Ricci’s Music Festival are just a few of the many specials events to take place during July and August.


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